Preliminary results and publications

Mapping of zones potentially occupied by Aedes vexans and Culex poicilipes mosquitoes, the main vectors of Rift Valley Fever in Senegal

Extract of Geospatial Health 3(1), 2008, pp. 69-79 Yves M. Tourre [1] Jean-Pierre Lacaux [2], Cecile Vignolles [3], Jacques-André Ndione [4] Murielle Lafaye [5], Abstract. A necessary condition for Rift Valley fever (RVF) emergence is the presence of Aedes (Aedimorphus) vexans and Culex (...)

Mares temporaires et risques sanitaires au Ferlo : contribution de la télédétection pour l’étude de la fièvre de la vallée du Rift entre août 2003 et janvier 2004

Water ponds and sanitary risk in the Ferlo area: Contribution of remote sensing in studying Rift Valley Fever between August 2003 and January 2004 Extract of secherese, [1] J.A Ndione, J.P Lacaux, Y. Tourre, C. Vignolles, D.Fontanaz, M.Lafaye Abstract The abundance of mosquitoes around (...)

Mapping Rift Valley fever and malaria risk over West Africa using climatic indicators

Extract of ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE LETTERS - 18 August 2010 Published online in Wiley Online Library DOI: 10.1002/asl.296 C. Caminade, [1] J. A. Ndione, [2] C. M. F. Kebe, [3] Y. M. Tourre, [

Rift Valley fever in a zone potentially occupied by Aedes vexans in Senegal: dynamics and risk mapping

Extract of Geospatial Health - Volume 3, Number 2 May 2009, Pages 211-220 Cécile Vignolles [1] , Jean-Pierre Lacaux [2], Yves M. Tourre [3] [4], Guillaume Bigeard [2], Jacques-André Ndione [5] , Murielle Lafaye [1] Abstract. This paper presents an analysis of the interaction between the (...)