RedGems : Re-Emergent Diseases Global Environment Monitoring from Space

Redgems is an innovative and multidisciplinary information system. Its main objective is to highlight dynamical linkages between climate and environment variability/change and re-emerging/new diseases, on a global scale.

This interactive tool contribute to study re-emergent and new infectious diseases. It constitutes the main pillar of tele-epidemiology by facilitating real-time monitoring of human and animal health and the exchanges of epidemiological, clinical and entomological data.

The primary mission of RedGems is to contribute towards the development of early warning systems (EWS) for infectious diseases. It thus becomes a part of the Health Information Systems (HIS).

The overall objective is to attempt predicting and mitigating public health impacts from epidemics, endemics and pandemics.

— Director of Publication : Yves M. TOURRE (Ph.D)
— Webinput : Yves M. TOURRE
— Webmaster (since 2017) : Jacques Pyrat
— Contacts :

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