The first purpose of the REDGEMS website is to document projects developed by several organizations adressing Climate, Environment and Public Health interactions (tele-epidemiology projets) . The associated partnership includes national space agencies at least. Most of these projects aim at forecasting and/or monitoring epidemiological outbursts and spreading. They are usually financed by national, bi-lateral, international funds. Most often a specific project addresses a specific disease. The number of RedGems projects is expected to increase with time.

Once such a medical information is obtained, the top priority is of course to bring healthcare to victims, which can be located in isolated places where health professional and equipment are poor or simply not existing, and operational links are out of order. This applies also when disasters occur (flooding, earthquake, tsumami, plane crash…). Efficiently coping with these emergency situations is the purpose of so-called tele healh operations.

Two kinds of tele health projects are presented and promoted in REDGEMS : telemedicine projects on one hand, tele-epidemiology projects on the other hand. So, in order to fulfil these objectives, the second purpose of REDGEMS is to present telemedicine projects which aim at implementing such remote healthcare (teleconsultation, remote expertise). Tele-epidemiology projects aim at studying interactions between environment, climate and health. The final goal is to implement early warning and emergency systems to prevent epidemy development, monitor spreading and bring efficient heathcare to isolated victims. Precise definitions of the various components of telehealth (telemedicine, tele-epidemiology, tele-training) can be found in the CNES website and additional information in the MEDES website.

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