Adapt FVR

AdaptFVR is a project to study the impacts of climate change on the emergence of Rift Valley Fever vectors in Senegal. It proposes to apply « Tele-epidemiology » conceptual approach as a linkage between climate, environment and health, to Rift Valley Fever in the sahelian Ferlo region in Senegal. It is proposed to study impacts of climate variability on RVF epidemiological scheme and to analyse its on risk forecast. Project objectives are to provide and validate dynamic maps of cattle risk exposure to RVF vector mosquitoes bites, then to study adaptation processes for pastoralism management addressing the predicted risk, and last to study the impact of climate variability, from seasonal until low frequency climatic modes, including tendencies and climate change, on risks forecasting.

This project is supported by the research program ’Management and Impacts of Climate Change’ or ‘Gestion et Impacts du Changement Climatique’ (GICC) managed by the French Ministry of Ecology (MEDDTL).

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