Extract of Geospatial Health 5(2), 2011, pp. 151-168 Vanessa Machault [1] [2] [3] Cécile Vignolles [3], François Borchi [4], Penelope Vounatsou [5], Frédéric Pages[1], Sébastien Briolant[1], Jean-Pierre Lacaux[2], Christophe Rogier[1], [6] Corresponding author: Vanessa Machault Tel: +33 5 (...)

Extract of Malaria Journal - sept 2010 Vanessa Machault, [1] [2] [3], Cecile Vignolles [2], Frederic Pages [1], Libasse Gadiaga [4], Abdoulaye Gaye[4], Cheikh Sokhna [4], Jean-Francois Trape[4], Jean-Pierre Lacaux [3], Christophe Rogier [1]. Abstract Background The United Nations (...)

CONTRIBUTION OF REMOTE SENSING TO MALARIA CONTROL Extract of medecine tropical, 2009. [1] Machault V, Pages F, Rogier C Institut de médecine tropicale du Service de santé des armées, Marseille, France ABSTRACT • Despite national and international efforts, malaria remains a major public health (...)

Extract of Malaria Journal - sept 2008 Pagès F, Texier G, Pradines B, Gadiaga L, Machault V, Jarjaval F, Penhoat K, Berger F, Trape JF, Rogier C, Sokhna C. [1] BACKGROUND: According to entomological studies conducted over the past 30 years, there was low malaria transmission in suburb of (...)

Extract of Malaria Journal - june 2009 Vanessa Machault [1] Libasse Gadiaga [2] Cecile Vignolles [3] Fanny Jarjaval [1] Samia Bouzid [1] Cheikh Sokhna [2] Jean-Pierre Lacaux [4] Jean-Francois Trape [2] Christophe Rogier [1] Frederic Pages [1] Abstract Background Urbanization has a great (...)

Extract of Journal of Travel Medicine.2008 Jul-Aug;15(4):216-20 Machault V, Orlandi-Pradines E, Michel R, Pagès F, Texier G, Pradines B, Fusaï T, Boutin JP, Rogier C. [1] BACKGROUND: Nonimmune travelers in malaria-endemic areas are exposed to transmission and may experience clinical malaria (...)

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