Barkedji study area, Senegal

Limnimetric scale installation Ngao pond

Many parameters are measured :

The village, located in edge of a large pond, includes many easily flooded zones (lodgings of Anopheles). That’s the study area for ACCIES project and also for AMMA and the project : Rift Valley Fever In Senegal .

Three sentinel ponds are selected for some measurment.

Collecting DEM data in Niaka pond with a GPS Leica 500

Many parameter are studied :

  • Hydrological data;
  • Climate data;
  • DEM data;
  • Land use and land cover data;
  • Water quality data;
  • Entomological data;
  • Veterinary data.
Vegetation inside and around ponds in Barkedji
Starting up of raingauge station in Barkedji

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