In situ data

A major campaign of field measurements took place during the rainy season 2010.

Twenty cattle ranches were selected in different ecological facies area in Barkedji.

Several types of data were collected:

  1. entomological measurements (identification of mosquito species, measure of aggression, mosquito ecology, distribution, serological analysis) ;
  2. climate in situ data collection (rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction) ;
  3. pastoralism socio-economic surveys (permanent camps inventories and georeferencing , cattle ranches georeferencing, arrival date to the camps of transhumant settlements, distance from the pond, estimate of the density of livestock (sheep, goats and cattle) around temporary pond, estimation of the human population, mobility of pets, seasonal migration, locations and dates of major livestock markets …), study of vector-host relationships (where, when, how is the contact ?).

The entomological measurements are performed by the Institut Pasteur in Dakar (IPD). The socio-economic surveys on pastoralism are carried out in partnership between the Ecological Monitoring Center (CSE) and the Directorate of Livestock (DIREL). Climate data are provided in situ by the SSC.

The temporal dynamics of risk is also determined, allowing a spatio-temporal complete and original.

For more information on the measures, download this file (in French)

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