What is PSMA Project ?

The so-called PSMA (French acronym for Advanced Medical Rescue Container) is a component of a set of tools and means for sanitary opening up, a concept that makes use of teleconsultation among others. Teleconsultation can be made in isolated or mobile areas, and offers an access to health care in remote, uneasy to access or without health centres areas. PSMA was developed as an operational tool in the specific case of rescues and urgent medical responses mandatory in case of disasters. PSMA is a compact container. Its volume is about 4 m3, its weight about 700 kilograms. It has been designed to be carried on site by standard ways such as helicopters, airplanes, trailers and implemented everywhere. It allows intervening quickly and carries on tools for first health care, diagnosis setting up, and rescue organization when a disaster or an extreme emergency health situation happens in a hardly accessible place. It also include additive secured and interoperable communication tools (Wifi, VHF, high rate via satellite). They allow data transmission and sharing (via Internet, teleconference…) between staffs operating in situ and with remote sites (international crisis management units, regulating centres, regional administration and decision centres, hospitals…). So, PSMA enables early rescue links (among with teleconsultation) between the rescue staff sent on the disaster site and any dedicated centre located quite far away.

Usually when a disaster happens, the traditional telecommunication channels are useless, since the networks are saturated or simply do not exist, while space telecommunication are still potentially operational by nature. They enable restoring communication, breaking off health care isolation from practitioners and quickly and efficiently taking care of ill and wounded persons using the medical tools of the container (cardiograph EG 12 with 12 derivations, finger oxymeter, armband, echograph with video acquisition, microscope with digital device, systems for biological analysis, drinking water and ionizing radiations analysis, laptop with Webcam and software to delineate victims).

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