Who are the partners

Based on a French initiative, AMMA was built by an international scientific group and is currently funded by a large number of agencies, especially from France, UK, US and Africa. It has been the beneficiary of a major financial contribution from the European Community’s Sixth Framework Research Programme.

Since 2002, AMMA has been promoting international coordination of ongoing activities, basic research and a multi-year field campaign over West Africa and the tropical Atlantic. AMMA has been developing close partnerships between those involved in basic research of the WAM, operational forecasting and decision making, and has been establishing blended training and education activities for African technical institutions and schools.

The Senegalese scientific teams involved in AMMA are CSE, UCAD, IPD and DIREL. We can mention that Medias-France is working with the Senegalese scientific teams. The study site is Barkedji, located in the Ferlo area.

CSE, UCAD and Medias-France are working together on environmental issues (climate, meteorology, hydrology, water quality, remote sensing (land use and land cover)…). IPD has in charge all aspects related to entomology and DIREL, is involved in veterinary investigations.

The AMMA data sets in Senegal is composed by:

  • Hydrological data;
  • Climate data;
  • DEM data;
  • Land use and land cover data;
  • Water quality data;
  • Entomological data;
  • Veterinary data.

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